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A little bit about Definitive Accounting

After years of experience, we have built great relationship with our clients. This isn't just about business, with Definitive Accouting we want to build trust and unique solutions, to help you and your business grow in a safety way, according to the state laws. By providing all the accouting information to you, our team's goal is to help you to create a strong foundation. Definitive Accounting have professionals with more than 25 years of experience, highly prepared to do your personal or business accounting.


In addition to our experience, we also have a very friendly and pleasant way to treat our customers, always performing the ultimate goals of any work very seriously and clear, besides always counseling our clients to make better decisions in their accounting.


Serving our communit for many years, our goals is to provide clear and trustworthy solutions for business accounting needs, while creating a great relationship with our customers.

Our Professionals

Meet some our qualitfied professionals

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Leila Curalov

Accounting Manager
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Melaine Curalov

Payroll Manager