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According with the American's laws (US-GAAP), the accounting is the utilized tool to generate financial information, to do an income tax, it is necessary to manager your business, providing a exact and accurate result of your income and expenses.



Payroll can cause you a big headache when it's not correctly formulated. Our time is solid and we're ready to administrate and fullfill with all obligations of the American Labor Laws. Just let us know hours and payment rates and we'll do the rest.

Tax Return

The tax of your business is very importante and it most be done very precisely based in the financial information generated by accounting. Incorrect information later on, might bring serious financial problems with the Federal and State Government.

Tax Return
Sale Taxes

Meals Taxes, Sale Taxes and Used Taxes

If your business needs to pay state taxes, known as Meals Taxes, Sale Taxes, or Used Taxes, you need to be aware of to not to be penalized by the State Government. Our team is ready to guide you to control and implement electronic systems to make you control and assist customers easier.

Planning and Administration

Even that you're used to administrate your own business by yourself, we can surprise you with great benefits that you might not be taking advantage of. Professionals with experience and high education have the obligation of mantain your business safety, and with all benefits as; Strategies to reduce taxes, application of administrative methods, orientation with legal obligations with the government, avoiding unecessary expenses, analysing sales and exprensesof your company, projecting business growth.



Insurance Audit

By law, all businesses must hire insurance known as General Liabilities and Work Compensation. After the first year of operation, insurers are required to audit the accouting books to verify if the contracted amounts are equivalent to the paid amounts. Keeping your accounts up to date, mantains your insurance safe until the next period. Our high level of commitment, professionalism and experience, offers your company the safety of not be prevented from security to operate for lack of insurance or accouting neglects.

Our Mission; provide accouting solutions, ensure fortification and solity by mapping your finances through a serious and lasting commitment.